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Colour Greeting Cards

order code card name number required
01-SAHD Southern Angle-headed Dragons
02-FRLZ Frilled Lizard Out of stock
03-GRTF Green Tree-Frog
04-GBFV Green & Golden Bell Frog (vertical)
05-GBFH Green & Golden Bell Frog (horizontal)
06-EGRK Eastern Grey Kangaroo
07-KOAL Koala
09-BNTW Bridled Nailtail Wallaby
10-CRPS Common Ringtail Possum
12-CSPC Common Spotted Cuscus
13-SQGL Squirrel Glider
14-GGLV Greater Glider (vertical)
15-GGLH Greater Glider (horizontal)
16-EGKP Eastern Grey Kangaroo (portrait) Out of stock
17-CGYE Common Grass Yellow Butterfly
20-KING Australian King Parrot
22-TDEV Thorny Devil Out of stock
23-WARA Sydney Waratah
24-PYGP Eastern Pygmy Possum
25-ECHI Short-beaked Echidna
26-WBAT Common Wombat
27-GANG Gang Gang Cockatoo
28-QUJO Quokka with joey
29-RUSS Russell Falls, Tasmania
30-STUR Sturt National Park, NSW
32-QUOK Quokka
33-ULUR Uluru (Ayers Rock) at dusk
35-EUCF Eucalypt flowers Out of stock
37-KOAF Koalas (faces)
38-KOBH Horizontal Koala and baby
39-GKPF Grey Kangaroo female portrait
40-KOOK Blue-winged Kookaburra Out of stock
41-STBB Satin Bowerbird

Black & White Greeting Cards

order code card name number required
BW01 Green Tree Frog (don’t have to be prince)
BW02 Greater Glider (all on my lonesome)
BW03 Forest Dragon (if life’s draggin’ you down)
BW04 Bare-backed Fruit Bat (hang in there)
BW05 Tree Kangaroo (wish you were here) Out of stock
BW06 Gould’s Long-eared Bat (love to hear)
BW07 Emu (having a bad hair day)
BW08 Spotted Cuscus
BW09 Koala and baby (new baby)
BW10 Koala (can you bear another birthday)
BW11 Bell Frog waving (just wanted to say g’day)


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